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Hemorrhoids, I’ll make them go away

If you’ve been a victim of hemorrhoids, call me. I’ll be there for you. And I’ll make them go away. Some people have been suffering in silence for years, navigating the bleeding, itching, pain and burning of hemorrhoids. They may have been told that surgery was the only option, or that creams or suppositories were the answer...

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Non-surgical spinal decompression could be the answer for back pain

Dr. Michael Kellis, of Precision Orthopeadic Specialties, first found out about non-surgical spinal decompression at a national sports medicine conference in San Diego about 15 years ago. “Designed by NASA engineers, the goal of decompression is to reduce pressure and pain in the spine’s disks by stretching it,” says Dr. Kellis, who has...

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NOMS Healthcare provides affordable, patient-centric care in a boutique environment

It’s fitting that NOMS (Northern Ohio Medical Specialists) Healthcare is led by CEO Joshua G. Frederick, an accountant by trade and self-professed numbers guy. He can recite a staggering amount of statistics and percentages at any given time. One of the many reasons NOMS is rapidly expanding and flourishing is because its care is based on...

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Here’s why physical therapy should be your first option for treating carpal tunnel syndrome

When people feel wrist pain, they may assume it’s something bad, like carpal tunnel. The fact of the matter is, we all have a carpal tunnel—it’s the space within our wrist where veins, nerves and tendons travel from the forearm to the hand. Because of the complex nature of the wrist and hand, this tunnel can easily become compressed...

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Crossroads Health offers early intervention for children with developmental delays or mental health issues

With suspected developmental delays or mental health issues in babies, toddlers and children, the earlier clinical intervention and prevention takes place, the better the outcomes. In Lake County, Crossroads Health early childhood services provides professional developmental evaluation and assessment of children with challenges and offers...

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