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Precision Orthopaedic Specialties offers a full spectrum of advanced services all under one roof

In a symphony of seamless collaboration, the multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals at Precision Orthopaedic Specialties offers one of the most comprehensive lists of services in the area. From toddlers to teens to seniors, professional athletes to weekend warriors, the practice includes orthopaedic surgeons, non-operative sports...

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If you’re experiencing one or more weight-related symptoms, now is the time to contact HealthyOne Weight Loss

When Mimi was a child in the 1950s, she had a number of great-aunts in their fifties and sixties who seemed very old. They were overweight and wore long cotton dresses wrapped with a kitchen apron. They sported cat eye glasses and kept their grey hair up in a bun. They didn’t walk much except to take the laundry in and out from the clothesline,...

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With summer on hold, now is the time for varicose vein treatment

One of the biggest reasons we hear for delaying the treatment of varicose veins is that patients don’t want to cut into their active summer by undergoing the process, which can take several weeks. That means right now is finally the time to get it done, when treatments will not interfere with your summer activities. Due to the Covid-19...

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Lunula cold laser treatment eradicates nail fungus

Although we’re all finally enjoying warmer springtime temps, those suffering from fungal toenails—one in 10 people—are already dreading going barefoot this summer. Nail fungus causes thickened, discolored and misshapen nails. Traditional treatment for fungal toenails, including hot lasers, topical creams and oral...

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Crossroads Health is breaking the cycle of substance abuse, mental health issues and trauma for people with a family history

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month. In light of the increased anxiety that social isolating during the Covid-19 pandemic is causing, awareness of how those with mental health issues and substance use disorders are handling the situation is all the more needed. Here in Lake County, programs geared toward helping people from...

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