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Cleveland's own cabinetry, right in your back yard

It’s refreshing and unusual to shop for a home renovation project and know that you’re buying from a local, family-owned manufacturer. Choice Cabinet’s newly opened showroom on the west side, within Ridge Park Square in Brooklyn, is right in the back yard of neighborhoods of folks who have already worked with them via their east...

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When everything you’ve tried for knee pain relief has failed, Aligned Health Center offers hope

Since opening in 2015, Aligned Health Center in Westlake has earned a reputation for “firsts.” It was the first and still only Chiropractic BioPhysics clinic in Northeast Ohio. In 2019, Aligned medically integrated their practice to help patients tap into this holistic level of care by offering mesenchymal stem cell injections for the...

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Ending Bad-Assumptions

Hemorrhoids are sorely misunderstood. They’re not all bad. Let me explain. You see, we all start out with three friendly internal hemorrhoids. When functioning properly, they help to prevent us from leaking stool when we cough or bend down to tie our shoes. When needed, they instantly inflate with blood to create a hydraulic seal inside...

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Do you remember March, 1976?

If you were in high school in 1976, you are likely approaching age 65, which is when you will most likely begin making decisions regarding your Medicare options. To learn more about your options, give me a call to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation educational meeting. In the meantime, enjoy recalling these memories from March...

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Understanding your medicare plan with HealthMarkets Agent Bernie Davidson

Many people who choose a plan during the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period are focused on three main things: co-pays, premiums, deductibles, and dental coverage and vision coverage. The hurried feeling often prevalent during the enrollment period may have had you focused on certain benefits and not allowed you the freedom to really dig deep...

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