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Daso Custom Cabinetry holds a top spot for design, quality and workmanship

Jeff Daso is living his own version of the American Dream. It goes like this… The Setting: A small family garage on a dairy farm in the cornfields of Wayne County, Ohio. The Character: An ambitious, hard-working 19-year-old with a passion for woodworking. The Plot: Though he had tried a year studying business at college, the...

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Caught in a bad romance

They’re the one person besides your mother who knows your natural hair color, and you trust them with your appearance. The questions I’d like you to stop and ask yourself are: Are you in love with your hairdresser? Are all of your hair days “good hair days?” Here are four words you never want to hear from your stylist:...

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There’s more to a healthier, greener lawn than just having fertilizer applied

Correy Petz, owner of EverGreen Turf Solutions, says a lot of the people who decide to forgo the box company fertilization model in favor of his passionate, personalized, locally owned approach do so for a number of different reasons. Here’s what you need to know about proper fertilization—before the weeds, crabgrass and other lawn...

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Uncover your benefits

Most of the people I do a complimentary review for are surprised to find out they may have insurance benefits in their healthcare policy they’re paying for but not using. Simply put, they don’t know what their coverage covers. For example, they may have coverage for over-the-counter medication, but have no idea they can get reimbursed for...

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Here’s how to get more from your insurance benefits

“When I do their complimentary healthcare review, many people are surprised to learn about plan benefits they are paying for but not using. Simply put, they don’t know what their coverage covers,” says licensed insurance agent Scott McEvoy, of HealthMarkets Insurance Agency. “For example, they may have coverage for over-the-counter...

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