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Williams Landscaping & Pavers can turn any back yard into a magical place to make memories

In September, adventure stirs. It’s the month Frodo and Sam set out on their quest to save middle earth in the classic Lord of the Rings trilogy. J.R.R. Tolkien propelled his Hobbit heroes forward by imbuing them with an everlasting hope that their journey would return them home. When Peter Jackson brought the epic tale to the big...

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With a new location in Ridge Park Square, more people can tap into dramatic savings on top-quality cabinets from Choice Cabinet

Homeowners on the west side now have a haven for home renovation in their backyard. Choice Cabinet, a national US supplier of cabinets, opened its new showroom this month within Ridge Park Square in Brooklyn. Since 2006, the popular family-owned company has made a name for itself on the east side by offering a wide selection of top-quality...

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You really can have a gorgeous yard in fall and winter and the pros at Southwest Landscape Management can take you there

In the CLE, the average first frost happens in mid-to late October, and the last frost is around mid- to late-April, which would leave your yard in a dormant state for about six months of the year. Why not make it look its best before the big chill creeps in? Giving your yard a dose of TLC this fall will pave the way for weathering winter and...

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The Business Expo 2022 offers an opportunity to make a connection and leave an impression

Interested in making lasting connections and boosting your brand? Look no further than the “Expand Your Network” Business Expo 2022 set for Thursday, October 13, at the Don Umerley Civic Center in Rocky River. “We are thrilled to be back in action, after having to forego the event in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic,” says Angela...

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You will become obsessed with the hottest local finds at Indy Gifts

Like all entrepreneurs, Jill Gray had a dream. First as a teacher, then as a high school counselor for 15 years, Jill enjoyed her work in education but always had that nagging feeling in the back of her mind that something was missing. Jill wanted to someday open a store where people could find gifts that help celebrate life’s most important...

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