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Will I have enough money?

Now that you’re thinking about retirement, your biggest concern may be whether you have enough money in your retirement account to last for the rest of your life. Properly protecting your money in a solid annuity-based product may be the best way to ensure you will outlive your retirement account, say Bill and Brody Fiesler, owners of Annuity &...

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How to improve bone density

Osteoporosis is a condition that occurs when the creation of new bone tissue does not keep up with the loss of old bone tissue. It can be a frightening diagnosis for anyone, as it often comes with fractures, back pain and loss of height. There’s a common misconception that someone with brittle bones shouldn’t engage in physical activity or...

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Window Depot says trim colors are trending

Window Depot of Cleveland’s approach to providing the highest level of customer service is relentless. They are always looking for creative solutions to pain points that customers might encounter. “One of the hottest trends in exterior home design right now is black trim,” says President Tony Hoty. “It fits with any style, from modern...

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You don’t have to sacrifice on space to downsize, Kensington Homes offers more to love, with less home to manage

When she founded Kensington Homes 30 years ago, Michelle Sorenson didn’t have any idea about all the things coming her way…a pandemic, a recession or two, supply chain shortages, fluctuating interest rates, etc. On the plus side, she also couldn’t have foreseen the remarkable things in her future, such as winning numerous industry...

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Cory’s Hair Studio & Day Spa turns out stunning brides and bridal parties, and the talented team of stylists will even come to you

Oftentimes hairdressers become trusted friends. Sometimes they even become part of a client’s extended family, there for the biggest moments—most notably weddings. At Cory’s Hair Studio & Day Spa, many of the hairstylists have been beautifying generations of family members. “I take pride in my clients who have been with me...

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