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Here are the 7 reasons to choose a professional power washing company—like Pristine Clean—over an inexperienced start-up

Power washing has become one of Northeast Ohio’s most popular annual services, including eliminating winter grime from siding, cleaning and sealing concrete surfaces, and making roofs look like new again. But which company you choose to do the job is important. In the wrong hands, a pressure washer can damage siding, windows, landscaping,...

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Whether you want your gutters cleaned or covered, The Gutter Boys can keep you off the ladder... and your hands out of the muck

When people think of gutter cleaning, they often think of fall leaves. But spring debris has an equal capacity to clog gutters, including flower pods, spent blossoms, maple seeds (some call them helicopters, spinners or whirligigs), and catkins—those golden, pollen-filled strings that fall from oak trees. Gutter cleaning is dirty and...

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StretchLab Rocky River offers revolutionary techniques to help enhance flexibility and strength, so you can perform your best

Stretching is good for us. It allows us to perform better at every activity we do and helps to prevent injury. But what you may not know is that at StretchLab Rocky River, you can have someone stretch for you. Your personal Flexologist, a trained and certified stretch professional, will personalize the stretch session according to your specific...

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Here’s how En Garde Deer Defense can keep deer from eating your floral landscaping and ensure a full summer of enjoyable outdoor living

Now that we’re almost to the middle of May, landscape plants vulnerable to deer damage are far along, becoming increasingly appetizing to white-tailed deer. These include daylilies, hostas, roses, hydrangeas, and a lot more. In fact, you may have already seen some damage. To deer, our landscaping is simply an all-you-can-eat salad...

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Iron without stomach upset

In the United States, it’s estimated that 35% of women under 50 are iron-deficient. Fatigue, muscle weakness upon exertion, heart palpitations, decreased focus, and an inability to stay warm are some of the most common symptoms. The problem is, for many women taking an iron supplement is just not worth it. Traditional iron supplements are...

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