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Add 5-15 years to the life of your roof with an environmentally safe Roof Renew application from Pristine Clean

Besides the four walls, one thing all homes have in common is a roof, and over the millennia we’ve tried just about every roofing material to help keep our heads dry—from thatch and animal dung to tin, copper, zinc and slate. Slate, by the way, is a good choice because it’s a rock, pretty much the same technology you see in an...

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Prepping for the big day

Wedding season is upon us! After so many couples postponed their nuptials due to the pandemic last year, we are enjoying a bumper crop of matrimonial clients. That’s where we shine. Wedding hair and makeup is a niche specialty. When it comes to walking down the aisle looking your absolute best, preparation is everything. We recommend a...

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Wills bought online

It seems as if there’s very little left in life that cannot be accomplished online. But if you think drafting your last will and testament via the internet would save you time and money, think again. Local elder law and estate planning expert Attorney Margaret T. Karl offers her take. “There are lots of disadvantages to going with a...

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Demystifying Medicare

As you approach your 65th birthday, you may have noticed a dramatic increase in the amount of mail you’re getting—and the number of phone calls. That’s because people can select their Medicare plan before they turn 65. But choosing a Medicare plan may not be as simple as checking off a box. Do you go with Part A, Part B, Part C,...

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Wine, watermelon and libido

Let’s explore an old wives’ tale. Jim Sperk, of the Northern Ohio Wine Guild, credits Betty Kaufman, an independent wine consultant in Napa, CA, with the one about wine and watermelon. “There’s a story dating back to the 19th century about a town near a monastery in a region loaded with grapes and watermelons,” says Jim. “Several...

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