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Consider your coverage with Carl Lishing of HealthMarkets

With weddings and graduations aplenty, June could be called the month of new beginnings. And any new life trajectory should include a plan for life insurance. There are two primary life insurance options to consider, and which you choose will depend on your individual circumstances and needs. Term life insurance is an often-inexpensive way...

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Training through pregnancy

At Higher Heights Fitness, we tailor training protocols to the maximum success of each client, regardless of age or stage in life. We’ve recently been working with a few pregnant clients who wanted to exercise up until the week they gave birth, and then begin again several weeks after having their babies. Carrying a baby can put a...

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Who gets the kids?

With stressful workdays and chauffeuring kids to non-stop practices and activities, parents today feel like mice on a spinning wheel. Although there are many factors affecting their children’s well-being that are out of control, one that’s within their power is making sure the parents have a will in place. According to local estate...

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You need omega-3s

Do you eat fatty fish like salmon or sardines at least three times every week? If not, you are likely not getting enough omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s are nutrients that are essential to health—heart health, brain health, digestive health, joint health and immune health. And, unlike other nutrients that your body can manufacture,...

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A better way to connect with Proper Access

You’ve been lulled into submission. That $50 router has captivated you with its sleek spaceship looks, sexy name and alluring price tag. Who doesn’t want to own an Orbi, an Eero or Asus for less than the cost of a tank of gas? The marketing and product design people behind those tiny little chunks of junk thank you. You, on the other...

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