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Kaye Construction bucks the trends by zeroing in on the style that defines each home they work on

Just when you start liking the small mosaic flooring tiles, the large-scale 12-by-24 tiles are now popping up everywhere in home décor magazines and on social media. And if you changed your fixtures and knobs to brushed nickel recently, look out for gorgeous new champagne gold kitchen and bath fixtures. What does all this mean for homeowners?...

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Two ways to protect your home and gutter system...from one local company

Top ItNortheast Ohio’s warm spring weather will soon be here and with it comes the season’s torrential downpours. After the long winter, you may notice that your gutters need a little TLC to prevent damaging overflows. In addition to cleaning your gutters, one of the best and safest steps you can take is to create a permanent solution by...

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The spectacular new Avon branch of the Lorain Public Library System promises the latest technology wrapped around a slew of fun things to do

A quick snip of the ribbon made it official earlier this month. The highly anticipated, newly expanded Avon branch of the Lorain Public Library System is now open. Following a collaborative journey that included a year-long study process gathering input from the community, the end game is a remarkable facility (27,000 square feet) that’s...

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Reclaim your intimacy with Mona Lisa Touch

Although women seem to talk to each other about so many issues, they remain hesitant to talk about their own vaginal health. “You see television commercials for Viagra and Cialis every day, yet, sadly, women still don’t feel comfortable discussing their own intimate conditions and therefore end up suffering silently and needlessly,” says...

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Spring is on its way, and now is the time to schedule a professional power wash to rid your home of mold, mildew and winter grime

The official start of spring is just 30 days away, and that means it’s time to schedule seasonal home improvement projects, including ridding your home’s exterior of mold, mildew and relentless winter grime. Nothing comes close to creating dramatic curb appeal like freshly cleaned vinyl siding and pristine driveways, patios, walkways,...

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