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At Northeast Factory Direct, the savings don’t stop at affordable kitchen remodels. Revamp other areas of the house—for less

During a recent gander around my cluttered home office, I came to the realization that some spacious and attractive wall cabinets just might be the ultimate solution to the unorganized piles of files, office supplies and other must-keep garbage that have accumulated across my desk and open shelves. Angelo Lardomita, Jr., president, cabinet...

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At Lark & Vines, owner Leslie Choma has made it her mission to source uncommon goods from across the globe

For anyone who likes to think global and act local, shop owner Leslie Choma opened Lark & Vines last year to showcase an oh-so-darling destination for curated home goods, bags, jewelry and eclectic giftables. “Everything here is either from women-owned businesses and handmade by artists or fair trade-certified companies from all over the...

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At Primary Home Improvements, the goal is quality—and comfort

Quality work requires focus and dedication. No one understands this like small business owners. That’s why Mary Meadows and Mike DePasquale, owners of Primary Home Improvements (PHI), have chosen to dedicate their small business to providing customers with the services that are most beneficial in terms of improving comfort, saving money and...

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Envision Ophthalmology and Wellness explains eye health and the body

The prefixes “opto” or “ophthal” indicate something related to the eye. In the world of eye care, the role of the optician, optometrist and ophthalmologist are often confused but all have their place in treating and maintaining eye health. Optician - An optician is an eye care technician trained to properly design and fit eyeglasses,...

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Warts be gone!

Chances are you or someone you know has suffered with painful plantar warts. At best, warts can be annoying. For some, they can be embarrassing and quite debilitating. Dr. Eric Trattner, a podiatrist who is certified by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery, says that experience is now unnecessary. “Traditionally available...

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