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Fresh flooring styles for 2024

At Floorz, we’re not content to simply offer one of the most expansive flooring selections found anywhere in Northeast Ohio. Our focus is also on bringing customers the freshest flooring rollouts, the latest styles, the most advanced innovations and the looks that are exploding in popularity. That’s why we take our team to the biggest...

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By manufacturing its own cabinetry line called “NEFD@Home,” Northeast Factory Direct is keeping prices low by bypassing the middleman

After more than 20 years offering high-quality, low-price furniture, hot tubs, mattresses, kitchen cabinets, flooring, and more from his no-frills, warehouse-style stores, Northeast Factory Direct’s Alex Nemet is still committed to keeping prices low. So much so that over the years he has been given many nicknames—from “the Duke of...

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How life insurance can help now

Most people understand life insurance to be a financial tool that helps their loved ones when they pass away, providing needed funds for bills, college and more. What they may not realize is that life insurance can also be a vital resource to help support the policy holder while he or she is still alive. By choosing a policy with a living...

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Algae calcium for stronger bones

For years, we were told the key to strong bones was taking 1,000 milligrams of calcium daily. When studies showed that didn’t improve bone health, the updated advice was to take more. Unfortunately, studies now show that not only does taking 1,500 milligrams of calcium each day still not ensure strong bones, but it could also lead to an...

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Transforming a wedding reception into a beautiful, memorable event requires careful planning with an emphasis on the guest experience

When it comes to planning and hosting the perfect wedding, the dream team at the uber-popular The Aviator Event Center & Pub has mastered it, including important nuances that make a huge difference in the guest experience. For example, that awkward moment when you have to remind your invitees (yet again) to please turn in their preference for...

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