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With more than 28,000 training sessions (and counting) under its belt this year, more and more people are embracing the no-limits wellness philosophy at MaxStrength Fitness

28,000. That’s how many training sessionshave taken place at MaxStrength Fitness studio so far in 2022. That’s 28,000 chances for hundreds of Clevelanders to live their best life through a protocol of two intense 20-minute workouts per week. That’s 28,000 transformational mornings, noons and nights that people returned to the...

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Less time, more intense, and a proprietary equipment offering: This is why MaxStrength Fitness is one of the health and wellness leaders in Northeast Ohio

With only a handful of weeks left in 2022, now’s a good time to take pause and ask yourself how you could improve your life in the year ahead. Cardio vs. strength. HIIT. Wearable tech. Virtual training. The Mirror. Trends in training come and go, but proven results remain. Meet Jeff Tomaszewski, founder of the MaxStrength Fitness model...

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With a unique inventory of specially curated goods, The Shop at Cleveland Stone Co. offers a fresh take on gifts, home décor and more

The newest shopping destination for greater Clevelanders—The Shop at Cleveland Stone Co.—offers curated goods for those with discriminating tastes and distinctive homes. Fronted by floor-to-ceiling windows, the space overlooks both the Vermilion River and Lake Erie, and is near the quaint historic district of downtown...

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Second chance at health at Cleveland Nutrition

You’ve tried weight loss schemes galore, yet you’re still overweight. Your doctor has you taking pills or shots, but your medical problems keep progressing and your dosages keep escalating. Why is this happening? Is this just an inevitable part of getting older, or is there a better way? I’m here to tell you there is most definitely a...

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Howling at your moon

There is a story of an old man and his dog sitting on the porch. It’s hot outside. The old man is sipping on his lemonade and the dog is sitting next to him howling in pain. The neighbor across the street hears the dog howling for several minutes, and his curiosity gets the best of him, so he approaches the old man. He asks the old man,...

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