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The uncompromising Mama Julianne’s Pizzeria is now open in North Royalton with authentic Italian faves

For Italians, food is love. For Julianne Russo Kelty, food also signifies family memories, growing up cooking alongside her Sicilian mother and grandmother, and gathered around a huge table that hosted her eight brothers and sisters and countless friends. “Everything we ate had to be authentic, with only the finest and freshest...

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The Starving Chef Recipe: Garlic Shrimp Curry

Nothing quite beats away the winter blues like a spicy bowl of curry. This creamy, garlicky curry is packed with authentic flavor and will certainly warm you from the inside out. Garlic Shrimp Curry Prep time: 30 minutesCook time: 60 minutesMakes: 4 servings Ingredients 1 lb. shrimp, peeled1 sweet onion, chopped8 cloves garlic,...

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Blue Heron Brewery is open for indoor festivities once again

Christmas came early last year at the Blue Heron Brewery. Good thing, too, because when Brewmaster Mike Piazza broke open the stash of his popular Christmas Ale on July 9, little did he realize that the Medina brewpub would be closed because of Covid-19 throughout the real holiday season. The good news is that Blue Heron patrons now have...

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The Starving Chef Recipe: Hot Chocolate Bombs

Hot Chocolate Bombs Prep time: 5 minutesChill time: 1 hourMakes: 12 hot chocolate bombs Ingredients 12 oz. milk chocolate candy melts4 oz. (each) red, green and white candy melts1 C hot cocoa mix2 C mini marshmallows½ C mini dehydrated marshmallows, for toppingRound sphere silicone moldCupcake liners Here’s How Place eight...

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Here’s what’s in store at Miles Farmers Market, right now

For those who want to eat healthier in the new year, Miles Farmers Market makes it easy to stay on track. With an emphasis on fresh, natural and local, Miles has earned a reputation the past half-century as the go-to place for the freshest selection of produce, abundant groceries and unique food items. “Our store puts an emphasis on...

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