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Doc Howard’s Distillery handcrafts its whiskeys and rums from pure, locally sourced ingredients

The labels on Doc Howard’s Distillery whiskeys and rums feature a worn leather doctor’s bag and wire-rimmed spectacles. If you think that seems old-fashioned, you’re right. The local family-operated distillery does things the way they used to be done. Distinctive spirits are hand-crafted from locally sourced raw ingredients with a...

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The Cracked Egg serves up fresh-made breakfast all day, lunch, and a heaping portion of customer service

There can never be enough neighborhood eateries in town. You know the kind I’m talking about. Somewhere you can stop in for coffee and a hearty breakfast and bring the kids for pancakes. Or a place you can find a reasonably priced burger. And, yes, even a restaurant that knows how to cook liver and onions just like grandma used to! The...

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Warm your spirits with port

When I think of winter and sitting by a cozy fire, I think of port, which is perfect for warming your spirits on a cold winter’s night. Port is a fortified wine produced in the Douro Valley of northern Portugal. A fortified wine is one to which some type of distilled spirit, typically brandy, has been added. Other fortified wines include...

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Miles Farmers Market has free-range, never frozen, antibiotic-free turkey and all the ready-made sides

Thanksgiving is one of the easiest holidays to host in your home, as you don’t have to get creative when planning the menu. Tradition calls for turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans and the trimmings. So, it really comes down to finding the freshest turkey and produce to make your meal shine. That’s where Miles Farmers...

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This holiday season leave the cooking to Mr. G’s

When most people think of Mr. G’s Pizzeria and Wings they think of, well, pizza and wings—that and the Giardina family’s delicious homemade Italian entrées. But did you know Mr. G’s catering arm offers all kinds of family favorites, including comfort foods like fried chicken, green beans almondine and mac and cheese? It’s the...

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