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Physical therapy has collided with technology and the result is a win for patients

All of the physical therapists at Precision Orthopaedic Specialties have one interesting thing in common. Yes, they each have a boatload of advanced degrees on their walls, direct access to the most sought-after orthopedic specialists in Cleveland, and all the latest technology within the physical therapy center. But what’s fascinating is that...

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People are finding the relief they crave from a remarkable, natural source at Your CBD Store in Willoughby

Since opening last November, Your CBD Store in Willoughby has helped its clientele with a myriad of health issues, from pain management and anxiety, to skin care, with a variety of bespoke products containing CBD. “We are highly educated about our products and consult with people to educate them about the potent effects of CBD,” says owner...

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How about a Butt Lite?

While many of us are drunk on the consumption of information regarding the coronavirus, there is another sinister epidemic that you may not have heard about in the news, but one that affects about one in 20 Americans overall and about half of those over age 50. Hemorrhoids may not be the domestic equivalent of the coronavirus, but at least my...

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There’s more to a healthy smile than simply breaking out the toothbrush

Dr. Sanam Magrey, of Dental Care of Brunswick, has followed through on her vision to modernize her practice with new equipment, a revamped space and office operations. Working with families, she looks at their complete picture of wellness, and tries to educate them about how their dental health is connected to their overall health. “I...

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Dr. Nigel Brayer, of Living Tree Center for Healing, can turn back the hands of time with Acupuncture

Dr. Nigel Brayer at Living Tree Center for Healing is taking centuries-old principals of acupuncture and applying them to facial rejuvenation—smoothing lines and wrinkles and firming skin—and the results are astonishing. “Facial acupuncture addresses the cosmetic effects on the face that are the outcome of many years of the skin...

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