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Hands chapped from over-washing?

Last week a Facebook friend posted a question: “Does anybody know how to help dry, chapped hands? I’ve been washing them so much they’re cracked and burning.” Normally, I don’t weigh in when friends are seeking advice on social media, but I knew the answer to this question—from first-hand experience. Two of my personal...

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If you need to connect with a therapist, teletherapy could be your lifeline

At the precarious and self-isolating crossroads we find ourselves, one local group of mental health practitioners is opening the virtual door to counseling for existing and new patients. In mid-March, Avenues of Counseling and Mediation launched teletherapy in preparation for the impending stay-at-home order. This HIPAA-compliant video...

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Boost your immunity

Masks and gloves are the order of the day, and, they serve a purpose. Nigel Brayer, DC, FIAMA, DIAMA, of Living Tree Center for Healing, reports there are many things people can do to boost their immune system. “We should remember that Covid-19 is a virus similar to the cold or flu. They are all transmitted the same way,” he says...

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Telehealth appointments are available at Finesse Footcare

Although podiatrist Dr. Danielle Shaper, founder of Finesse Footcare, is still seeing patients in her Lyndhurst medical offices, she’s also been seeing patients virtually through telehealth services. “In our office, we’re practicing social distancing and are working with limited staff,” she says. “And I am only seeing patients in...

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MaxStrength Fitness offers a free self-help checklist to help get us through today, tomorrow, and beyond

With all the motivational magnetism and infectious positivity of icons such as Jack LaLanne, Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons, Jeff Tomaszewski lives up to his status as Cleveland’s modern-day fitness guru. As founder of MaxStrength Fitness studios, he continues to tap into his background in the study of exercise science. He’s constantly...

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