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Do your ankles feel puffy or tight?

If you’re suffering from edema or leg swelling (or your ankles seem puffy or tight), you may have an underlying venous health issue causing inflammation. That’s right, inflammation leads to swelling. One common cause of inflammation is varicose veins, which may or may not be visible on the surface of the skin. If you are experiencing...

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With custom orthotics from Finesse Footcare, you could be stepping back into life

Whatever walk of life you follow, your overall health and well-being are affected by the stability of the biomechanics of your feet. If there’s an issue with your feet or gait, that can cause negative repercussions in everything from your ankles to knees, back, shoulders and even neck. Dr. Danielle Shaper, of Finesse Footcare in Lyndhurst,...

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Hearing aids slow cognitive decline

Hearing loss intervention can dramatically slow the rate of cognitive decline for people at higher risk. A new study published in September 2023 reveals that hearing aids can slow cognitive decline for those at high risk by as much as 48% over three years. The cause of this connection is still being researched, but there are several theories...

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Winning candy season

This time of year, when it seems like everywhere you go there’s a bowl of Halloween treats, and your kids’ trick-or-treating sacks will be soon overflowing, it’s easy to down a few candy bars. ‘Tis the season, right? Well, not really. Even an innocent-sounding fun-size Snickers candy bar has 160 calories. To work that off, you’ll...

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North Coast Aikikai offers the Japanese martial art of aikido, which puts the focus on using an opponent’s force against them

The world could use a lot more of avoiding conflict and resolving differences in a peaceful way. That’s the goal of the Japanese martial art of aikido, which, unlike other practices, is non-violent, non-combative and non-competitive. As one of the oldest operating martial arts schools in Lake County, dating back 50 years, North Coast Aikikai...

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