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Avoid surgery by trying physical therapy, first

The knee is one of the most-used joints in the body. It’s designed to handle the repetitive stress of day-to-day use. But being pushed beyond its limits or turned in a direction it’s not meant to can cause pain and injury. When this happens, physical therapy is the best option for treatment. For many, the first step following a knee injury...

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Snoring & CPAP Solutions offers an alternative to sleep apnea that could literally save your life

While snoring can be a disruption in the bedroom, new research indicates that there’s a lot more to snoring that could keep you up at night. Sleep-related dental problems such as GERD (heartburn/acid reflux) and bruxism (teeth grinding) may be signs of more serious health risks, including stroke, heart disease, arrhythmias and esophageal...

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Inflamed veins: The surprising connection between chronic inflammation and venous disease

Right now there is a lot of emphasis on the heart or, rather, the entire cardiovascular system. February is American Heart Month, a reminder that we should all focus on keeping our heart healthy, while March is National Deep-Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Awareness Month, a public health initiative aimed at raising awareness of this commonly occurring...

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Chronic inflammation and veins

One of my favorite times if year is right now—February and March—and not because of the promise of spring. I like these two months because of the national focus on the circulatory system, which is what our medical practice is all about. Given that the symbol of Valentine’s Day is the heart, it’s no surprise that February is...

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Personal training isn’t just for elite athletes, it’s also for people who simply want to play on the floor with their grandchildren

A good friend of Mimi’s once revealed that she pulled into the parking lot of large fitness facility to do a morning workout when she saw a few thin, attractive women walking into the gym. Her heart sank. She left immediately and bought a donut. We all have days like this, days when we wonder if we can be the type of person we...

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